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Tiberian Dawn

Command & Conquer

Tiberian Dawn (known to the gaming community as Command & Conquer) is a real-time strategy-combat game developed by Westwood Studios, the creators of Dune II. Focusing on the global conflict between the fictional Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod organizations, Tiberian Dawn puts the player in complete charge of fast paced military operations utilizing a wide variety of troops, ground vehicles, base installations, air strikes, and production facilities.

Tiberian Dawn features a wide range of missions with varied objectives and sometimes multiple goals; the stark horror of conflict is punctuated by over 40 minutes of vividly rendered cinematic presentation comprising news footage, commercials, mission briefings and cutscene rewards. There's large, mean-looking detailed hardware to wreak havoc with, including Orca Fighter Craft, Raptor Attack Cycles, Devil's Tongue Incinerator Tanks, Air Cushioned All Terrain Landing Craft and the Mammoth Heavy Battle Tanks (to name just a few). Modem and network play make this game of world dominance a truly global affair.

Key Features

  • Large, sumptuous and detailed realisations of all military hardware.
  • A powerful soundtrack, eerie atmospheres and musical styles including rap, hip-hop and rock.
  • A wide range of missions determined by your choice of allegiance.
  • 60 minutes of vividly rendered cinematic presentation.
  • 2 player serial/modem and up to 4 player network capability.
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