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Vehicles Specifications

Churchill Mk.VII Infantry Tank

Designed for infantry support rather than speedily covering ground, the British Mk. VII is a lumbering beast that can withstand brutal impacts. It has steel armour six inches thick on its front, providing plenty of protection as it leads infantry into enemy positions. Its tremendous length and huge track area often allow the Mk. VII to traverse ground that other tanks cannot cross. Known as the Churchill, this 40-ton behemoth was armed with a 76mm cannon capable of destroying virtually any vehicle.

Carro P.40 Tank

The P.40 is another example of the Italians producing battle-ready weapons late in the war, perhaps too late. This is the first Italian tank that can be considered comparable to Allied armour. The P.40's sizeable 75mm cannon can penetrate the armour of most other tanks, and its armour is heavy enough to withstand incoming barrages. The price it pays is weight, and at 26 tons it achieves a top speed of less than 20 miles per hour, even with a 12-cylinder engine.

Italian - AB-41 Railway Truck

The Autoblinda 41 armoured car is a unique vehicle that has proven to be thoroughly useful for the Italians. Equipped with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, it can be driven in either direction. It can clamber over relatively difficult terrain, and even the two spare tires are mounted amidships to help it roll over obstacles. It is topped with a light tank turret and armed with one 8mm and one 20mm gun. The AB-41 has been produced in volume and adapted for many specific uses, such as anti-aircraft support, deep sand desert driving, and travel on railroad tracks.

Veltro Attack Fighter

The best Italian fighter aeroplane of the Second World War is unquestionably the Mc205 Veltro, a lightweight and agile aircraft that can match any fighter in the sky. Although introduced late in the war, it has gained the respect of the Allies by shooting down many bombers and several of their escorts. The Veltro, or greyhound, can fly at almost 400 miles per hour, reach an altitude of almost 40,000 feet, and dizzy Allied pilots with its dogfighting abilities.

BMW R75M Motorcycle with Sidecar
Although you won't get to drive these during the game, you will get to destroy a few here and there to weaken the Axis motorpool in North Africa.

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