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Multiplayer Map Infomation

All of the maps below are playable in Invader, Team Deathmatch and Free For All, but only objectives will be available in Invader.

Gavutu and Tanambogo:
This level will recall the historic battle for two small islets near Guadalcanal that took place on August 7th, 1942. Each island is very small, dominated by a large hill made of coral, and they are connected via a causeway.

It is January, 1943, and General Patch, commanding XIV Corps, has resolved to push the Japanese from Guadalcanal once and for all. To do this, the Allies will have to disable the Gifu Bunker Systems.

The Allies are tasked with the destruction of an Axis gun emplacement near the Matanikau River and the establishment of a patrol base on the north end of the valley, west of the river.

Wake Island:
A small band of United States Marines defend Wake Island from invading Japanese Navy forces. The Allies must defend the large anti-ship gun on the west end of Wilkes Island from destruction as the Axis forces begin their assault by landing at two separate locations on the southwestern beaches of Peale Island, a neighboring island to Wake's west, on the northern tip.

A Marine division has landed on the west coast of Bougainville at Empress Augusta Bay and is fighting to establish an inland beachhead.

Axis forces are rushing to destroy a strategically important train trestle in the jungles. The Allies are on the alert and must defend the bridge and surrounding area.

An Allied pilot carrying classified cryptanalysis documentation has crash landed near a fortified Japanese encampment in the jungles of Bataan. The Allies stage a amphibious landing to neutralize the encampment's defenses and to retrieve the Codebook.

Axis forces have landed in the jungle and are making their way along a streamside trail to an Allied airfield . The Axis will need to systematically incapacitate and occupy the airfield then finish the job by destroying any Allied aircraft that may be on the ground.

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