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Weapon Specifications

Smith and Wesson M1917 .45 Magnum Revolver

This was the classic six shooter of WWII, a smooth and accurate weapon with a walnut grip. The pistol used two, three round 'half moon clips' to keep bullets from sliding out and increase reloading time. It's a great weapon for up-close encounters, and its light weight allows the player to run at top speed.

M1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun w/50 Round Drum

Arguably the most famous submachine gun of all time, certainly for the era - the Thompson was a marvellous weapon in WWII. No other Allied SMG could match the performance, capacity and reliability of this bad boy. Early versions were adopted by gangsters as their weapon of choice and it's popularity continued with officers even past WWII. Having fired this one personally, I can completely understand it's effectiveness and confirm that the damage you've seen this sucker do in the movies... is accurate. Don't be surprised to see both the drum and more traditional clip in Pacific Assault.

.30 Caliber M1 Carbine Rifle

The Allies wanted a weapon to fill the gap between the M1911A1 pistol and the heavier M1 Garand and this was the result. This Carbine was the most widely used rifle during the start of WWII, with more than six million being made. The design was kept simple and allowed non-specialising contractors, like a jukebox company, to manufacturer the rifle efficiently.
Personally, this is my favourite rifle. I fired it non-stop on one of our research trips because it was so ridiculously easy to hit anything. Hands down, the most accurate and easy to fire weapon I tested. It was not without its drawbacks though. As one of our WWII veterans put it, "If you shot anyone at more than fifty yards with a Carbine, you stood a great chance at pissing them off."

1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun

The 1941 Johnson is a very distinct looking weapon, particularly with its side-loading munitions clip. Primarily used by special ops Marine outfits such as the Raiders, the Johnson had the big power and durability of an automatic machine gun combined with the portability to be moved quickly and easily which was clutch in stealth assignments. Single rounds (or a 5-round stripper clip) could be added to the right side of the gun without removing the main magazine, allowing for reloading on the fly or the addition of tracer rounds for night time manoeuvres. The Johnson Light Machine gun could hit hard and hit fast, which is exactly why it was the weapon of choice for Marine Raiders.

Nambu Model 8mm Pistol

The line of Nambu pistols goes back to the late 1800's, when a then 'Captain' Nambu was sent to the Tokyo Arsenal to develop a semi-automatic pistol for the Japanese military. Not long before the seeds of WWII were sown, the now 'General' was retired and running the Nambu Rifle Company. The Army came knocking on his door and requested (that's the nice way of putting it) he produce a smaller version of his Type 14 pistol, to be used by pilots, tanker crews and officers. The result was the famous 8mm Nambu pistol.
You can definitely squeeze off the magazine quickly and reload it with equal pace, but the satisfaction of using the melee attack on your enemy is unmatched.

Model 92 Heavy Machine Gun

The Model 92 is a beast, plain and simple. It required two or more people to carry & deploy, but once it's down - it's very deadly. I call this one the 'axe' because of its effectiveness in chopping enemies down, especially with a well-placed shot at the knees.
Veterans talk about the terrifying, distinctive sound this weapon made - some are still haunted by it 60+ years later. I can attest that in real life it chews through anything in its path.

Source - MOHPA Development Team

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